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Dispatch Pro FAQ
Last Updated 6 years ago


Can I add custom completion requirements in Dispatch Pro?

-yes, Dispatch Pro has its own completion requirements module.These new completion requirements allow managers to set up operation specific requirements to better accommodate the applicator and the compliance needs.Managers can also create custom entered requirements if the pre-populated list doesn’t provide the needed information.

Can I add any specifics to my Equipment?

-The new Dispatch Pro equipment page allows you to enter not only names of equipment but also allows for type, make, model, equipment weight in addition to the connection but you can now add containers.


What is the difference between scheduling in AgSync and scheduling in Dispatch Pro?

-The changes are incredible.There is an easy drag and drop feature for moving orders to and from equipment. This dispatching requires no saving and syncing is immediate.There are also equipment status icons notifying dispatcher whether the machine is idle, in transit or working. Dispatchers can also schedule work across locations.

Here are a few more points of interest:

  • Increased efficiency. System is robust and fast
  • Dispatch across locations
  • Improved filtering, ability to filter by multiple groups at a time
  • Drag and Drop Jobs into equipment
  • Improved Prioritization on the map
  • Filter groups are color coordinated on the map
  • Custom Completion Requirements by operation
  • Custom CSV Report
  • Remove and reassign work orders to equipment easily
  • Add tags to order
  • Order History Timeline
Where are the products managed?

-Products are managed in the AgSync system as orders are still created and edited in that platform. The product information syncs seamlessly between AgSync and Dispatch Pro.

Does the Connected Workflow work with Dispatch Pro?

-Yes, Dispatch Pro was designed to easily release orders to the Raven Viper 4 and/or the new mobile app, Field Ops for seamless job sharing, completion entry (FieldOps app) and (Viper4).

Do I need any special equipment to use Dispatch Pro?

-No, Dispatch Pro is a web-based application that is accessible with any internet connected computer. Chrome and FireFox are recommended browsers.AgSync and Dispatch Pro are not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Can I create orders in Dispatch Pro?

-Dispatch Pro is a scheduling and reporting system. It receives orders currently from the AgSync interface. Once orders are created in AgSync they sync into Dispatch Pro.

Do I need a separate login to access Dispatch Pro?

-No, you will use the same AgSync login you use today and the systems are in sync so no need to switch between programs, just navigate to the new page to start your work.

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