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Personnel & Equipment: Importing Personnel & Equipment
Last Updated 6 years ago

When your Operator needs to do work at multiple locations, do not create that person in multiple accounts. This will cause your Operator to need multiple usernames and passwords. The better solution is to import them into the additional account.

To do this, go into their main account to the Account Settings --> Order Setup --> Personnel & Equipment (This procedure will require that you have access to both accounts). Find the applicator in the list, click on the edit icon (Notepad with pencil). Copy the Operator Code. Once you have that, then switch accounts with the “Applicator Account” dropdown in the upper right-hand corner, to the new account. Once you are in that account, click on the “Import Personnel” and paste the Operator Code into that window and save it. Once that is saved, the applicator will have and see jobs from both locations.

A point of emphasis, this will require the Operator to be mindful of where the work is being assigned from, just in case they are getting jobs from both locations simultaneously.

The same process applies to equipment that needs to be available in multiple locations. Copy the Equipment Code and go to the new account and Import Equipment.

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