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AgSync Updates
Last Updated 5 years ago

June 2019
-Adjusted server handling for job queue & web requests to facilitate heavy loads better
-Updated email messaging to all use same service
-Bug fix on blending issues identified in operator app

May 2019
-Released timing adjustment to popup Time incorrect message
-AgSync logos removed, customer logos added to various reports
-AgPilotX log file import added
-Released email fix for non delivery to some users

- Driftwatch background layer with field boundaries now show on task packets and work orders.
- Driftwatch red field boundaries and beehive backgrounds now show in red on task packets and work orders

- Ability to enforce a pest is chosen when creating an order which is
- Ability to send out a link on the customer notification which will bring the customer to a copy of the work order (7 day time period)
- Ability to send out a customer notification for orders in the plan status
- Add ability to enforce a user to enter a pest for an order which has a product which is either herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide.
- Added ability for a user with a partner product list to input a density for their product and have that density default in the Add Product window.
- The ability for an account admin to create and edit users.
- Added ability to default a density in the add fertilizer and add product windows to what is stored with your company.

We have added more filtering options on the scheduling tab:
Now you can filter by:
Operation - Crop - Customer
Operation - Crop - Product - Customer
Added the driftwatch points to maps being printed with the driftwatch layer is on.
Added the ability to quickly filter by crop on the Scheduling tab tree

There was an update to the Task manger Tree. This should really speed up the initial load time for the tree.

  • Filters to external product list tab
  • Syncing AgX Zone information
  • Added ability to retrieve batches by a modified date/time
  • Adding ability to configure what billing system you use.
If using Agvance, adding the ability to choose what updates you want to AgSync send to Agvance
Added ability to input required Agvance information
Create blend in Agvance from an AgSync order
Send Service charge
Update quantities, and acres to Agvance .

Added Crop traits as annotations, including:
    • ClearField
    • Engenia
    • Enlist
    • EnlistLL
    • LibertyLink
    • NonGMO
    • OpGAT
    • Poast
    • RoundupReady
    • RRLL
    • RRSTS
    • STS
  • Default date in scheduling tab filter will now show 365 days prior to the end of the year.
  • Account Owners can request new users through their Organization Settings.
  • Added operation type to email notifications
  • Added the ability to show a manure pile as annotation on AgSync.
  • Added ability to enter a billing partner id for a billing entity (API).
  • Added AgVantage, AgTrax, and Oakland as options when setting up a customer’s external_id and Removed external_id line from the view/edit profile data for a customer option as this has been replaced by the partners section.
  • Added support for an external service charge. A Company which is setup with an export to an external system can setup charges and be able to specify one upon order creation. When the order is sent to a partner system this item is included. This currently affects customers who are using Agris and Oakland.
  • Added ability to create an order with a charge from the orders API.
  • Added validation logic in the add service window.
  • Fixed issue where name does not appear on the Asset position layer when clicking on an asset. Also made a change so that asset position which is more than a month old does not show on the map
  • Added ability to enter a new boundary from point and area. Look under "Add Boundary Tool".

  • Account Owner user type created.
  • Use report now lists application rate (portrait view only)
  • WPS report lists product type and field name

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