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Operator PRO Updates
Last Updated 5 years ago

released 1.93
  • branding changes
  • added popup with grower notification ability

2/1/2018 -
new features instructions:
  • Multi Completion of order
  • New sort by selected work
  • New map toggle button ( selected vs all work)
  • Ability to add a note or field entrance annotation

  • Added Staging Location to Order Overview
  • Filter settings save, until user re-syncs or logs out.
  • Application Rate is listed on the Order Overview, Order Products section.
  • Blends sync across devices.
  • Update notifications, user will be prompted upon login of a new update on the app.
  • External Product list names now appear throughout the app (if account has external product listing)
  • Notes have been moved to top of column when drilling into an order
  • Bug fixes – bug that would cause the app to load/crash/load crash and this would only be corrected by re-downloading the app
  • Operators can edit products from within the app.
  • Added ability to enter a density for a product that does not have one in AgSync
  • Bolded operation line in blends
  • Blend tab added to the app. Create blends and batches for order
  • - Added total acres remaining in right panel-
  • Added batch number to Order Overview
  • - User can enter two decimals on edit of product rates
  • - Added Staging Location name to the Blend PDF
  • - Asset location (personnel and equipment connected to Slingshot), is available as an asset layer in app.

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