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AGNAV - How do I change a file from AgNav into a shapefile to import into AgSync
Last Updated 6 years ago

Importing AgNav files into AgSync.

You will need the no1 and the t file that matches along with NavView or SprayView which is AgNav's desktop software. Open either software and follow these steps:

1. Click on the folder icon in the upper left corner (2nd in)
2. This will prompt you to choose the no1 file
3. After you choose the no1 file it will prompt you to choose the t file
4. Then click the icon in the upper left corner (1st)
5 Choose convert spray data AgNav to shape - lat/long
6. Then name it and when prompted to choose shape type, choose line/line
7. This should then create a shapefile (you need the .shx, .shp, and .dbf that have SprOn before the extension) for you to zip up and upload into our system

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