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REPORTS - Create a custom report or export
Last Updated 6 years ago

How to create a custom csv file export/report from the orders tab:

Watch here:

Step by Step Instructions:
1. In orders page list, click on dropdown arrow in header to select columns you want to include in CSV report

2. Select columns by checking box beside them. *Do not select columns with summaries in them as they will not show in report.

3. Once columns showing on page contain information desired in report, go to bottom of page and click on workspace grid icon. Select modify workspace and save workspace as. A popup box will ask for name for new workspace. Enter name and click ok. (popup will indicate that it has been created successfully)

4. At top of page, click on blue filter icon and select Adv. Search/Save tab. Type name in filter name box (2nd box).

5. Click & drag Account (or individual customers if desired) into Profile box. Select any filter criteria or specific criteria values desired (start/end date, etc.) Select order status. (defaults to all except for deleted)

6. In Tab access options, check enable in report. (automatically checks enable in order). Select workspace name created earlier. When all criteria is set, click save.

7. In orders page, click on print icon. The custom CSV report created will be an option to select. Selecting it will generate report & add to queue. A popup window will appear when report is ready. Click on download report & open or save. This video could be helpful too – it’s more about creating a custom workspace but it’s the start of creating the report (note that the example has summary columns in it though which a CSV report cannot)

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