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Dropbox Syncing
Last Updated 6 years ago

Linking Dropbox to a personnel allows files to be sent to their dropbox folder on their device or computer.

Operator Pro App:
The user can send files back to Dropbox from the Operator PRO app, under 'send controller files to Dropbox'. This allows the user to access controller files and Tasks from their device.

  • To do this, click TaskID box above the list of orders.
  • Choose the task to send the files for.
  • At bottom of screen click Send PDF & Controller Files to Dropbox and choose type of file you need.
  • Then click Send at top of window.
  • In the dropbox folder under equipment you can find the shapefiles (controller files) if needed.

In AgSync to Process Completion Data:
  • At completion in app, files will automatically sync into AgSync and will be found in completion tab for processing.
  • Operators can send spray data files from the controller device into the Dropbox AgSync folder.
  • Once files are inside the As_Applied folder in Dropbox, AgSync will grab those spray data files and make them available on the completion tab inside AgSync for processing.
In Dropbox, there will be a folder structure like this: in the dropbox- AgSync - As-applied- Processed
  • You can drop the raw log files into the As-Applied folder and every ten minutes it will run a sync and they will be in the Processed folder afterwards.
  • Once they are automatically synced into the processed folder they will show in the As-Applied upload queue in AgSync.

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